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Super concert by the artists of the future

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The future artist candidates, who received a year-long education at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory, gave an excellent concert. Leader Zolan, who gave the good news that they will establish a musical group consisting of children by performing a first in Turkey, said that they gave education to 1200 students at the conservatory this year.

DENİZLİ (İGFA) – Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory In the 2021-2022 academic year, a year-end concert was held for students studying in 17 different instrument sections. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Leader Osman Zolan, Deputy Secretary General Serhat Akbulut, Culture and Social Affairs Department Leader Hüdaverdi Otaklı, guests and many citizens attended the night held at the Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center. In the program, in which the trainees studying at the conservatory took the stage, beautiful works were performed, and the performances of future artist candidates were greatly appreciated. Leader Osman Zolan stated that as Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, they are always with the young people and noted that this pleasantness that emerges after the training they give to the youth is very valuable. Leader Zolan said, “These are the most meaningful works we have done for our city and country, which will carry us to the future, make us the most satisfied. Our children are the apple of our eyes. The more we prepare and equip them for the future, the more successful and enjoyable they will be.”

Leader Zolan, who mentioned that children should not be educated on one side and that their personalities should be enriched with different efforts and skills, said, “We need to direct our children to our sports courses, arts and ingenuity courses. My desire is that each of our children can play at least one instrument or be interested in an art branch. We are moving towards this goal step by step. This year, we trained 1200 students in our conservatory and prepared them for the future. When children can play an instrument, they stand out in the middle of their friends, differentiate, and develop self-confidence. We need to build self-confidence in our children. Children with self-confidence stand on their own feet and are successful”.

Leader Zolan, who shared the rumor that they would go to a special organization with the children under the roof of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory, emphasized that with this work, they will be the first in Turkey. Indicating that they will establish a musical group consisting of children, Lider Zolan said, “We will have a saz group, solo and choir team consisting of our children whom we train. We will hold a concert with this team as soon as possible. Our soloists and our entire instrument group will consist of our children.” Leader Zolan, who thanked his fellow countrymen who did not leave them alone, said, “Hopefully, we are striving to take our city further and more pleasantly. May our way be clear. I congratulate you and our children and thank our teachers.”

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