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Sunflower oil price expected to drop by 15%

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Crude sunflower oil prices, which reach $2,150 per tonne in the international market, are in a rapid decline due to the lack of demand.

In the last 20 days, crude sunflower oil in the international market decreased by 30 percent to 1500 dollars. With the imports made at new prices, a decrease is expected in shelf prices in the domestic market.

According to the news in the world, crude sunflower oil prices, which increased with the effect of the pandemic and then the Russia-Ukraine war, decreased.

The price of crude sunflower oil, which rose to $ 2 thousand 150 with the pandemic, which was $ 800 a ton in the international market, has entered a significant downward trend in recent weeks.

Stating that the prices in the international market have decreased by 30 percent, the representatives of the sector noted that they expect the decrease in the price of sunflower oil to be reflected on the shelves as the contracts made with new prices are processed and presented to the market.

Sector predicts that the 5-liter sunflower oil, which is currently in the middle of 180 and 200 liras on the shelves, will decrease to the 155-160 lira band.

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