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Sugar increase reaction from Fahrettin Yokuş: His citizen lost his taste in sugar

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Türk Şeker, which increased sugar by 31 percent in March, made a new increase of 36.3 percent to 66.6 percent with its prestige this month. Reacting to the situation, PROPER Party Konya Deputy Fahrettin Yokuş said, “We had a candy that we sweetened our mouths with, and you saw it a lot for our people, you spoiled the taste of our mouth and the mouth of the nation.”

KONYA (IGFA) – Türkşeker increased sugar by 36.4 to 67 percent. In the statement made by Türkşeker, the following was noted: “The ex-factory sales price of crystal sugar packaged in 50 kilograms polypropylene bags, effective as of 27.06.2022, to ensure that our people have access to crystal sugar at affordable prices on market shelves, Türkşeker Tarım ve Besin Sanayi A. It has been re-determined as 13 TL/kg excluding VAT for Birlik A.Ş. and 15 TL/kg excluding VAT for all our other customers.”

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