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Stunning NATO comment from The Guardian: ‘Many NATO member countries disturbed’

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The Guardian, one of the leading newspapers in England, recently prepared a comprehensive analysis on Turkey’s objections to Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership.

In the analysis, “President Erdogan has one eye on the elections while demanding the extradition of PKK members,” and added, “No one has any doubt that Erdogan’s intervention will lock NATO for months. It has been the duty of NATO diplomats to understand Erdogan’s seriousness and to determine the price to be paid to ensure that he takes a step back without causing a major crisis in NATO.


In the analysis, “Inflation has reached 66.9 percent and there is no harm in getting the vote of the nationalist voters as we prepare for the elections next summer. However, Erdogan’s complaints are not entirely synthetic, “he it said, adding that Turkey had requested the extradition of PKK and FETO members in the past.

While the diplomats of the northern countries drew attention to the fact that the list including the names was on the agenda for the last time in 2017, he commented that “it was not on the agenda of the Turkish lobby in recent years”.


According to the news in Spokesperson, while the negotiations continue behind closed doors, it was pointed out that the process could be prolonged, and it was claimed that it was a problem for Sweden and Finland to change their refugee and asylum system all of a sudden .

In the article in The Guardian, “The theses that Putin will come to Ankara soon, although denied by Moscow, show that Ankara has cards to be played. However, this double game disturbed many NATO member countries.

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