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Street work from Nevşehir Municipality

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Some avenues and streets will be closed to vehicle traffic due to infrastructure renewal and hot asphalt works to be carried out by Nevşehir Municipality in Sümer District.

Infrastructure and superstructure investments made by Nevşehir Municipality continue with Sümer Mahallesi. Infrastructure renovation works are starting on Hekim Sadık Ahmet Street, Eyüp Street and Seyit Taşçı Street, starting from the Stock Exchange Junction and continuing next to the Closed Marketplace and extending to Cemil Meriç Social Sciences High School, in the neighborhood by the Water and Sewerage Works Directorate.

On these streets and streets, where the drinking water line will be renewed, rain water lines will be created, and then hot asphalt will be laid, road dismantling will be carried out on Tuesday, June 7, by the groups of the Directorate of Science affairs.

Due to the works planned to start at 08:00 in the morning, citizens were warned not to park vehicles on the avenues and streets.

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