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Stray dog ​​attack in Bursa Mudanya countryside: 20 sheep perished!

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In the Aydınpınar District of Bursa’s Mudanya countryside, 20 sheep were drowned and perished as a result of the attack of a stray dog ​​herd that entered the corral.

BURSA (IGFA) – According to the information received, a herd of stray dogs attacked the sheep in the Aydınpınar District of Mudanya in the evening hours, which entered the corral containing the sacrificial animals related to Habib Okutur. Scared of the attack of the dogs, which killed a few sheep, the small cattle crushed each other.

The breeder, who shot two of the dogs attacking the sheep, made the other dogs escape from the barn. The unfortunate barn owner, who encountered the dead sheep when he entered, reported the situation to Mudanya District Agriculture and Forestry Directorate and Mudanya Municipality Veterinary Services.

Teams at the scene sent the killed dogs to Istanbul to be examined against rabies. The perished animals were collected by Veterinary Services groups.

Habib Okutur, the owner of the barn, stated that many stray dogs were roaming in the region and said that the loss was very great. The residents of the neighborhood, who stated that they were especially worried about the children, asked the administrators to deal with this situation as soon as possible so that other grievances would not be experienced.


As it will be remembered, the issue of stray animals, which is one of the precious issues that Mudanyalı is sensitive to, has been on the agenda of the local opposition for a long time. Political parties, which stated that they received significant complaints about stray dogs, in many neighborhoods and villages, in the Mudanya Municipality’s failure to even build shelters, and drew attention to the fact that dogs roaming the streets in clusters pose a big problem.

MHP Mudanya District Leader Erkut Seymenler, defending and protecting the rights of his dear friends on the streets; He also stated that the stability should be adjusted very properly in terms of taking the necessary precautions for human life.

AK Party Mudanya District President Orhan Samast, on the other hand, stated that Hayri Türkyılmaz, who has made the commitment of a ‘street animal village’ and has been the mayor for 8 years, hides the real needs by saying ‘Happy Mudanya’ and does not even build a shelter for stray animals, making citizens unable to walk because of stray dogs. He said he was coming.

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