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Stop President’s salary increase

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In the General Delegation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the phrase “increasing the President’s appropriation by 20.2 percent”, which allows for an increase in the President’s appropriation, was removed from the additional budget proposal for 2022.

According to the approved proposal, with the exception of the economic code of “01.08-President’s Allowance” in the Presidency’s budget, “01-Personnel Expenditures” and “02-State Premium Expenditures for Social Security Institutions” in the budgets of the public administrations within the scope of the central administration, with the exception of the economic codes. An allowance of 40.5 percent of the initial allowance will be added. By the sector, the amounts in the table related to the subject will also be changed.

With the proposal, it is aimed to remove the word that regulates the increase of the President’s appropriation by 20.2 percent from the text of the issue and not to increase the Presidential appropriation.

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