Statement on the withdrawal of Muharrem İnce from CHP: ‘İnce did not withdraw, he supported the parliamentary system’

As the presidential and parliamentary elections approach, the political arena is getting active. Finally, 3 days before the elections to be held on 14 May. Muharrem İnce, Chairman of the Country PartyCHP announced that he would withdraw from his candidacy for the presidency. Republic TVspeaking to CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Özkoç, thanked Ince.


Özkoç started his speech by stating that the elections to be held on 14 May are actually a system race and continued his speech as follows:

These elections are not actually contested by political parties, but elections by two systems. There is a race between the presidential and parliamentary systems.That’s why Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Chairman of the Republican People’s Party and our presidential candidate, came together with other political party leaders and political party leaders who are in favor of the parliamentary system. they responded to his call that ‘we must fight together to pass to a secular, democratic and strengthened parliamentary system’. All other political parties came together and united their struggles, not the struggle of their own political parties, but for the abolition of this system and the establishment of a parliamentary system. They called it the “Nation Alliance”. The Nation Alliance made a call after long months of work. He started a struggle by calling on all political parties, all understandings, and even those who say ‘enough is enough’ in the Justice and Development Party, and ‘we cannot embrace our nation with this system’ in the Nationalist Movement Party, who are in favor of the entire parliamentary system. Now, Mr. Muharrem İnce also participated in this struggle: ‘Yes, the parliamentary system is the right system, this race can be won by uniting’.He called for support.”


Underlining that Muharrem İnce contributed to the system change, Özkoç said, Actually, this is not a retreat. Muharrem İnce announced his support for the parliamentary system today. We also think that this support is very true and valuable. We think that it is very valuable that the voters who have voted for the Memleket Party have supported us, namely the Nation Alliance, in the presidential elections and a strong parliamentary election. So we thank himmade a statement.


Özkoç calling for unity “Moreover the dirty political games of some terrorist organizations that have been directed against him so far. . In other words, we are definitely against scam videos and scam rhetoric. This is trying to be done not only for himself but also for the leaders of the Nation Alliance. In fact, this is what separates Turkey, We say that it is the product of an understanding that tries to bring our people in Turkey against each other. . We strongly oppose this, and we want our nation not to give credit to it. Together, united, with love, for peace, for the parliamentary system, for building the future together, 1 We invite everyone to this union to open our eyes to a peaceful Turkey on the morning of May 5th.” said.

Regarding Erkan Baş’s allegations that he said, “If Muharrem İnce withdraws from the candidacy, I will withdraw from my candidacy as a deputy,” he said, “The statements of the chairman of each political party are of course at their own discretion. They are making rhetoric of support to further strengthen growth through the merger. He is not running for the presidency. That’s why we leave this discretion to him, but the most important thing is to unite, grow and close together in the presidential elections. Thank you to everyone who supported this.”made the assessment.


Expressing the picture emerging in Turkey as the elections approached, Özkoç said, Faith in Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is growing even more. His unifying discourses, his words about the constitutional legal system, are more and more understood every day. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu wants peace in Turkey. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu wants poverty to disappear. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu wants no one to go to bed hungry, he wants our people to look to the future with confidence, he wants our young people to work here for their own country, not for other countries, and develop their own country. They also have promising promises and we feel more and more every day the belief that we will win together . We felt it once again with the statement to be made today. Our votes will increase. We will unexpectedly win the election in the first round. There will be such an explosion of votes that everyone will say ‘yes, this is Turkey, this is Turkey’s longing for democracy, Turkey’s longing for law, this is Turkey’s longing for spring’used the phrases.

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