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Statement from TEIS about drug prices

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25 percent increase in drug prices.

The regulation increasing the “Euro value” used in pricing was published in the Official Gazette. The new prices will be effective from tomorrow.

Pharmacist Nurten Saydan, General Leader of the All Pharmacists and Patrons Union (TEIS), reminded in her written statement that the Decision on the Amendment of the Decision on the Pricing of Medicinal Products for Human Use was published in today’s issue of the Official Gazette.

Transparent stated that with the decision, the euro exchange rate was increased by 25 percent in the pricing of human medical works.

“The euro exchange rate, which is used to determine drug prices, increased from 6.29 lira to 7.86 lira with a 25 percent increase. However, the problem of drugs that cannot be found in the market will continue due to the fact that the exchange rate is far below the current exchange rate.

Because, according to the current exchange rate, the euro is at the level of 17.49 liras with its prestige today. There will continue to be burdens in the import of imported drugs compared to the new exchange rate.

Emphasizing that as pharmacists they care about making the medicine available and accessible, Saydan said, “We would like to state that this arrangement, which we do not think is sufficient, will not heal the wound, it can only be a dressing.

We expect real improvements that will facilitate access to medicine as soon as possible. The drug euro exchange rate needs to be brought in line with current and economic realities,” he said.

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