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State basis for enforcement debts is coming!

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The support package for the low-income, which has been worked on for a long time, has come to an end. The details of the package, which will solve the enforcement and foreclosure problems, which are also priced in the cabinet, have started to become clear.

ANKARA (IGFA) – With the package, the debt of nearly 6 million citizens, which is about 30 billion liras, will be liquidated.

The state will assume the debts arising from the contracts for basic needs such as electricity, water, natural gas and telephone.

According to the news on NTV, the package will have two legs. The debt of nearly 5 million families up to 2 thousand liras will be deducted from enforcement.

On the other hand, Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati shared the photos of the working moment on his social media account with the statement “Continue to work non-stop for the welfare of our nation and future generations with our colleagues who have the awareness that there is no alternative but to succeed.”

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