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Specialist teacher training has been extended

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ANKARA (IGFA) – As a result of the announcement made by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) within the scope of the Regulation on Candidate Teaching and Teaching Vocational Stages, prepared in line with the Teaching Profession Law No. 7354, the specialist and head teacher training program for those who work in public and private education institutions and public institutions and organizations other than the Ministry of National Education. It started on July 18.

Within the scope of the program, it was determined that the specialist teacher trainings would be completed with the prestige of September 5, but with the new decision, these trainings were extended until September 9, 23:59.

Looking at the information on the trainings so far, a total of 540 thousand 66 teachers participated in the specialist teacher training. Of the total number, 529,330 were teachers working in official education institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, 9,318 were teachers from private education institutions, and 1,418 were teachers working in non-MEB institutions.

529 thousand 330 of the teachers who had a mission within the Ministry, among those who received specialist teacher training, started their training and 522 thousand 932 teachers completed the training with a completion rate of 98.79 percent. 9,318 of the teachers who had a mission in private education institutions started their training, and 8,480 teachers completed the training with a completion rate of 91.01 percent. Of the teachers working in institutions other than the Ministry of National Education, 1,418 have started training and 1,360 teachers have completed their training with a rate of 95.91 percent. In total, 532 thousand 772 teachers have completed their specialist teacher training with a rate of 98.65 percent.


In addition to the video trainings, the written contents prepared by the academic team that took the mission in the video trainings were also shared on the ÖBA.

When the training is started or “Continue Training” is selected, the “About Training” section under the training image contains explanations and links to these documents. If the entire video content is watched, the “condition for completing the training” is fulfilled.

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