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Spanish Foreign Minister: Russia-Ukraine war will be long

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Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares made statements on the course of the Russia-Ukraine War.

Jose Manuel Albares said that he predicted the war in Ukraine to last a long time.

Manuel Albares, in his statement, said, “The crisis of the occupation of Ukraine is expected to last for a long time. Unfortunately, the end of the crisis and the return of Russian soldiers to their countries seem very far away due to Russia’s lack of desire for dialogue.”

Stating that it is not possible to negotiate with Russia which country NATO will make a member or not, Albares said, “The international community expects to talk and negotiate with Russia even though some problems cannot be negotiated.”

Albares also emphasized that Ukrainian State Leader Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people “show their heart and humility in protecting the integrity of their country against unjust and illegal attacks.”

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