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Spain has 40 definite, 52 suspected monkeypox cases, many in Madrid

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In the statement made by the Ministry of Health of the Madrid Autonomous Administration Government, it was reported that the number of people with monkeypox virus as a result of PCR tests increased to 39, and there were also about 40 suspicious events.

On the other hand, it was shared that one of them was definitely 4 suspicious cases in Andalusia, 2 suspicious cases were recorded in the Canary Islands, 2 cases were recorded in Castilla La Mancha, and 2 cases were recorded in Galisya, Extremadura, Basque and Aragon.

It was reported that the health status of the patients, who were placed under surveillance and quarantine, was good.

It was stated that the authorities focused on the thesis that there may be a connection in the middle of the events seen in Madrid and the Canary Islands, and that the origin of the virus was a sauna in Madrid and a party in the Canary Islands.

According to the information of the World Health Organization, Spain ranks first in monkeypox cases seen in 12 countries in the current situation.

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