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South Korea to buy 40 helicopters from USA

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South Korea entered into an agreement to purchase helicopters from the United States.

South Korea signed a memorandum of understanding to purchase helicopters worth approximately $133 million from the United States.

South Korea’s Defense Procurement Program Agency (DAPA) has reached an agreement with Bell Textron Asia, one of the US aerospace companies, to purchase helicopters worth 132.8 million dollars.

Under the agreement, South Korea will receive 40 “Bell 505” helicopters from the company within 3 years, as well as 8 simulators to be used in the training of pilots.


The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is an American/Canadian light helicopter developed by Bell Helicopter and manufactured by Bell Textron Canada.

Bell 505 helicopter is also used by countries such as Indonesia, Jamaica, Montenegro, Japan, USA and Vietnam.

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