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South African expansion in residential and kitchenware

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EVSID member 25 producer companies operating in the household and kitchenware branch landed in South Africa and came together with 52 buyers from 10 different countries.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – Purpose-oriented meetings abroad continue in line with the strategy of opening up to new markets and increasing exports of the home and kitchenware department. 25 manufacturer companies, which are members of the Housing and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Exporters Association (EVSID) operating in the department, met with buyers from both South Africa and neighboring countries in Johannesburg.

Stating that they came together with 52 buyers from 10 different countries by the end of the event, EVSID Leader Talha Özger stated that Turkish works gained a competitive advantage against Asian countries, especially with the pandemic, and that despite this, the share in sub- Saharan African countries was far below the target, and they increased the market shares in the region with bilateral business meetings. He said they aim to increase it even more.


Pointing out that although the African continent is our second largest export market, more than 70 percent of the exports to this continent are made to North African countries consisting of Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, Özger said that the increase in our exports to South Africa has increased by 72.4 percent in the last 4 years. Stating that our overall export increase rate is over 60 percent, he noted that South Africa’s share in the imports of housing and kitchenware is at the level of 3 percent.

Beyhan Baycar, the Founding Member of the EVSID Board of Directors and the Leader of the Overseas Projects Committee, noted that they carried out a successful program in the South African market after the post-pandemic Morocco, Poland and Istanbul Invitation Only projects, and a total of 284 business meetings were held with buyers from different countries.

Stating that they plan to bring 40 companies together with buyers in the Latin American market with a different concept in September, Baycar said that they will expand the order they started before the pandemic and direct more manufacturers to the Latin American market in 2022.

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