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SOGEP support of 10.5 million liras to the South Aegean

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8 projects from Aydın, Denizli and Muğla were entitled to receive reinforcements in the 2022 Social Development Support Program carried out by GEKA in harmony with the Ministry of Industry and Technology with the aim of contributing to the analysis of social problems in the South Aegean. A total of 10 million 500 thousand TL was given as a basis for 8 projects to be implemented.

İZMİR (İGFA) – 86 project proposals were received from Aydın, Denizli and Muğla within the scope of the 2022 Social Development Support Program (SOGEP), which GEKA is affiliated with, in harmony with the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

As a result of the preliminary evaluation, a total of 15 projects were developed with the contribution of the Agency and presented to the Ministry. As a result of the final evaluation made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, a total of 8 projects from the region, 2 from Denizli and 3 each from Aydın and Muğla, were found successful and decided to be supported.

“The Mansion Gets Stronger with Chestnuts” by the Köşk Municipality, the “Handcraft Workshop Project” of the Efeler Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, the “Pine Nut Production Supports Employment, Grows the Economy” by the Bozdoğan District Governorate, “Keep Your Hope Alive with Your Profession” by the Denizli Provincial Directorate of National Education, “Qualified Young, Strong Denizli” by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, “Natural Cosmetic Artifact Relict Endemic Sweetgum Oil Processing Cooperative and Disadvantaged Members Gain” by Muğla Regional Directorate of Forestry Reinforcing the Social , Cultural and Economic Structure of Women” and Seydikemer District Governor’s “Local Arts Workshop” projects were entitled to receive reinforcements.

After the completion of the contract signing processes with the project owner institutions and organizations, the implementation phase of the projects will begin.

It was noted that qualified progress will be achieved in social development with projects that will eliminate social problems from poverty, migration and urbanization, enable the disadvantaged sections of the society to participate more actively in economic and social life, increase employability and opportunities, support social inclusion, social entrepreneurship and innovation, and expand social responsibility practices.

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