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Sleep apnea causes many diseases from heart attack to reflux

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Neurologist Dr. Cem Ortaçbayram, referring to the fact that there are about 100 diseases that cause sleep disorders in adults, said that the most common and most valuable of them is sleep apnea, as it can progress insidiously and cause very important diseases and even death.

Stating that the cessation of breathing for 10 seconds or longer during sleep is called ‘sleep apnea’, Dr. Ortaçbayram said, “The slowing down of breathing during sleep is called hypopnea, and its interruption for longer than 10 seconds is called ‘sleep apnea’. If the number of breathing interruptions during sleep is above 5 per hour, sleep apnea syndrome is the subject of speech.

“He returns HOME VERY tiring, falls asleep in front of TV”

Dr. Ortaçbayram pointed out that the quality of life of the patient with sleep apnea deteriorated, “He can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, even at the wheel. High-intensity snoring disturbs the environment. The sound is so loud that sometimes he even wakes up from the sound of snoring. Tired spending on work makes it difficult to concentrate. The pleasure of working disappears. He returns to the house very tired and begins to fall asleep in front of the television. He lost contact with his family and people around him,” he said.

Untreated sleep apnea, the person; He said that it puts him in the high risk cluster in hypertension, infarction and heart rhythm disorders and may even cause a traffic accident.

“Those who snore and sleep during the day should be careful”

Talking about the many symptoms of sleep apnea, Dr. Ortaçbayram listed these symptoms as follows: “Snoring, shortness of breath during sleep, fatigue and headache in the morning, desire to sleep during the day, attention deficit, heart problems, hypertension, stomach and intestinal reflux and sexual reluctance.”

Dr. Ortaçbayram added that sleep apnea syndrome should also be investigated in people who think that they are getting enough sleep, but who wake up tired, who are sluggish and sleepy during the day.


Suggesting that the person who observes these symptoms definitely consult a doctor, Dr. Ortaçbayram said, “When making a diagnosis, the doctor will ask the patient 3 questions to help him identify sleep apnea: ‘Is there snoring?’, ‘Is there any shortness of breath during sleep?’, ‘Is there a desire to sleep during the day?’ If the answers to these questions are yes, the possibility of sleep apnea disease in that individual should be emphasized.

Dr. Ortaçbayram mentioned that the definitive diagnosis was made with ‘polysomnography’, that is, sleep test, that the patient spent one night in the sleep laboratory and that the patient’s sleep was monitored with electrodes placed on the body.


Dr. Ortaçbayram said that the things to be considered in order to prevent the disease are losing weight, regulating life conditions, quitting smoking and alcohol, and doing sports. Underlining that the application with the highest chance of success is the delivery of continuous-pressurized air with the device called CPAP and with the help of a mask worn by the patient. Ortaçbayram “This is a kind of air machine. The mask connected to this CPAP device is put on the patient and the compressed air determined by the physician is given to the patient. The device is used overnight and the compressed air prevents the respiratory tract from being blocked. Thus, the patient does not experience problems such as cessation of breathing in his sleep and the sleep order becomes better.”

Dr. Ortaçbayram also stated that if necessary, surgical intervention can be performed on suitable patients, which are paid by otolaryngologists.

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