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‘Skilful Hands’ spoke at Kayseri Talas

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The “Skilled Hands Women’s Producer Market”, which was started with the cooperation of Kayseri’s Talas Municipality and Women’s Enterprise Production and Business Cooperative and established on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, has been a frequent destination for citizens this week. Visiting the producers in the market, Talas Municipality Leader Mustafa Yalçın both shopped and chatted.

The market, which was established in the historical Harman Mahalle Square and where valuable handcrafted works met with the buyers, became the scene of colorful images once again. Citizens who came to the market with their family and friends had a different weekend.

In the market where beautiful handicrafts prepared by housewives were exhibited, many works from handcrafted weaving works to winter foods, from house dishes to ornaments were presented to the taste of the citizens.


Leader Yalçın, who came to the market and chatted with the producers, did not neglect to shop from many artifacts from treats to food.

Citizens who bought the products said that they liked the arrangement very much and thanked Lider Yalçın for bringing such a market to the district.

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