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Shopkeepers rebelled, started a new application: It is reflected in the works as an increase

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Celil Özden, who has been selling watermelons in Kocaeli for about 20 years, is trying to find solutions to the problems by developing new methods due to the economic crisis.

Özden, which sells watermelons on Adnan Menderes Boulevard in Izmit’s Yenişehir District, has launched an iban application for citizens who do not have cash and do not want to use a credit card.

Ozden, who sells works by accepting money from his customers’ accounts to his own bank account, said, “He who has no cash in his pocket can prefer this application.” Özden explained the reflection of the increasing costs on the counter with these words:


“Last year, the shipping of artifacts from the Mediterranean Region was 6-7 thousand liras. This year, the lowest shipping cost was at least 25 thousand liras. This reflects on every piece of art as an increase. We shouldn’t just look at it as watermelon. Even the shoes we wear come with shipping. Last year, a kilo of watermelon was sold for 3 liras. Fuel and transportation prices that have increased since last year inevitably reflect on the works. 20 tons of watermelon comes in a truck. Even if you buy it only from the manufacturer for free, 1 lira adds 1.5 lira to each watermelon. This is the shipping price. “This means a cost of 3 liras to the merchant. The merchant has his own expenses. I also have a stake in it. Then such watermelon prices appear.”

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