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She learned that her 10-month-old husband is a woman.

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It turned out that the husband of a woman in Indonesia, with whom she has been married for about 10 months, is a woman.

The 22-year-old woman, whose name was disclosed as NA in the news of the country, said that introducing herself as a doctor was bullshit after learning that her ‘husband’ was a woman.

The woman, who filed a lawsuit against her husband, stated that she met her ‘husband’ named Ahnaf Arrafif on a dating app in the city of Jambi.

Stating that they met after writing for a while, NA said that a few weeks later Arrafif proposed to her and they got married.
Stating that her family suspected her husband about four months later, the lady underlined that her ‘husband’ did not introduce her family to them.

However, NA, who stated that they were suspicious of her profession after seeing that Arrafif, who stated that she was a neurology doctor, did not do any random work, emphasized that they understood that her husband was not a doctor either.

NA, who said that her husband never took off his clothes and even went to the shower wearing clothes, said that his mother asked him to undress and the truth came out.

Stating that her husband, who says her name as Ahnaf Arrafif, confessed everything after her mother’s request to undress, the 22-year-old lady said that she explained that there was a woman named Erayani.

She added to Jambi District Court, NA, that she never doubted that the person she married was a man until her mother began to doubt her ties.

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