Sevilay Yılman rebelled against that ‘assembly’: ‘They got muddy and disgusting!’

Turkey will go to the polls in less than 48 hours for the Presidential and 28th Term Parliamentary Elections. Journalists, who were targeted with montage and perception studies on social media hours before the election, reacted to the perception studies created.


Fatih Portakal, Sevilay Yılman, Şirin PayzınAnd Nevşin MenguQuoting a Whatsapp image created with a montage with the name of Sevilay Yılman, ‘ ‘They’ve gotten pretty muddy… They’ve gotten disgusting! Except for Fatih Portakal, Nevşin or Şirin Payzın don’t even have phones in my directory. They are trying to make a perception with the visual they prepared with Photoshop by saying “We have established a perception team”. May God make you as He knows! What have you done to this country that you are so afraid of and try to get away with montages, photoshops, lies and slanders! How far will you go with this disinformation that turns Gobbels upside down where it lies? Aren’t you afraid that your baseness and wickedness will one day come to your children’s feet? How are you Muslims? How are you religious? Whoops!”used the phrases.

Quoting Yılman’s statements Fatih Orangeto the assembly in question, ” Wow friend, what did we scare you?” he expressed his reaction.

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