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Sergeant, who was detained in Mardin for allegedly molesting two children, was arrested

Sergeant EK, who was assigned in Mardin, was alleged to have sexually abused AD on 29 March and HO on 22 April. The suspect EK, who was taken into custody, declared in his statement to the prosecution that he did not know the persons, but only remembered the persons due to the crime charged on him.

In his statement that he took the people in question in his vehicle on different dates, EK said, “In the incident that took place on March 29, I went to the bazaar after getting permission from my commanders. In the afternoon, the victim was standing on the way to the market in AD. When the person made a gesture for me to stop, I stopped too. He said he was going to the mall. I told him that there was no harm in getting on, as he would finish my work at the bazaar and return to my police station. He got into my car, I guess the journey took 5-6 minutes. On the way, he only asked me if I was a soldier. I told him I have no job. Other than that, there was no conversation as far as I can remember. Apart from this person, from time to time I pick up and drop off the people who hitchhike on my route on my way to Nusaybin. As a humanitarian, I help people so that they do not suffer. There is only the statement of these two victims against me,” it said.

In the decision rendered by the Nusaybin Criminal Judgeship of Peace, it was stated, “The EK, the nature and nature of the crime of ‘child sexual abuse’, the evidence in the file, the fact that the insane have not yet been fully collected, that there is a strong suspicion of crime based on concrete evidence that the suspect has committed the crime, It is understood that the offense charged is one of the catalog crimes numbered in Article 100/3-a of the CMK, and considering the lower and limit of the penalty for the crime charged on the suspect, at this stage where there is a suspicion of escape, judicial control measures will not be sufficient and the arrest measure will be measured. As the conditions required for the detention measure specified in the article have been met, it has been decided to arrest the suspect with the acceptance of the arrest request.

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