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Seeds distributed to farmers in Malatya are at harvest

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Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Leader Selahattin Gürkan came to a meeting with the farmers on Field Day and participated in the harvest activity of barley and wheat distributed seeds in February.

MALATYA (IGFA) – With the ‘Summer Cultivation in Malatya Province, Barley and Wheat Production Increases Project’, 16,000 decares of land in Malatya that could not be planted due to empty, idle and fallow land met with seeds.

Of this area, 11 thousand decares of wheat and 5 thousand decares of barley were planted.

A total of 402 tons of seeds were distributed to farmers in 12 districts within the scope of the project, which is based on 75 percent. The harvest of seeds, which were distributed in February, was carried out in Kırkpınar Neighborhood with the participation of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Leader Selahattin Gürkan.

Yeşilyurt Chamber of Agriculture Leader Doğan Solmaz, who made a statement before the harvest, said that they harvested the seeds given by the Metropolitan and Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

Mehmet Sığırcı, Deputy Secretary General, pointed out that it was time to harvest the wheat and barley distributed in February and said, “We are proud of this as our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, our Metropolitan Municipality and our Governor’s Office. We are experiencing the most pleasant example of our farmers being in solidarity with us. Thank you. I wish our harvest and production to be good for Malatya.”

The farmers, on the other hand, said that they started the harvest of wheat, which was given 75 percent reinforcement, and wished that the harvest would be fruitful.

Farmers thanked Metropolitan Municipality Leader Selahattin Gürkan, who participated in the harvest program.

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