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Seed cleaning machine support for manufacturers

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BALIKESİR (İGFA) – On the one hand, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality improves the quality of life by beautifying the infrastructure of rural neighborhoods, and on the other hand, it continues its reinforcements and investments to strengthen the production infrastructure of the city and ensure that the producers receive a great return for their labor. The Metropolitan Municipality, which distributed seed cleaning (selector) machines in Kepsut, within the scope of the “Quality Seed Production” project, in order to ensure that the farmers obtain the seed, one of the most valuable input costs of agricultural production, from the quality works they produce themselves, delivered 15 machines worth 2 million to the producers. Among the agricultural works produced in Balikesir, the machines used for the purpose of cleaning the seeds of the cereals, which are in the first place in terms of sowing area, are the ones used for sowing the grains; It was distributed to rural neighborhoods from Altıeylül, Balya, Bigadiç, Dursunbey, Gönen, İvrindi, Karesi, Kepsut, Sındırgı and Manyas districts.


Thanks to the selector machine used for cleaning, classifying and spraying foreign matters in the seed; By using healthy and disinfected cereal seeds, losses caused by diseases such as tillering, smut and septoria (leaf spot disease) will be eliminated, and agricultural effort inputs will be saved by separating weeds from seeds.



In Balıkesir, where wheat is produced on 1,098,562 decares of land, paddy in 164,742 decares, barley in 131,569 decares and rye in 74,684 decares, the Metropolitan Municipality, which ensures that the seed to be sown by the grain producer is screened before planting, sprayed and cleaned from foreign elements, is a valuable tool in terms of popularizing the use of pure seeds. is taking a step.


Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Leader Yücel Yılmaz stated that the incentives and reinforcements they gave to the producers as the Metropolitan Municipality and the investments made for rural development started to yield successful results: “As Balıkesir, when we know ourselves adequately, when we know our pluses and minuses, when we work in harmony, we are one of the strongest provinces of Turkey. We are on our way to becoming one. Balikesir, Province Feeding Turkey. Our aim is for our farmers to earn more, for abundance and mercy to increase in our city.” said he.


Emphasizing that the Metropolitan is a civilization project, Leader Yücel Yılmaz said, “Our team is strong and has a good command of this subject. We distributed tomato paste machine in Dursunbey the other day, today we are distributing seed machine. There is a rational planning, sincere work and mercy under every work we do. Balikesir Metropolitan continues to increase its mercy. We started to get clear results of our work on beekeepers. The work has increased and we are coming to a considerable point in Turkey. We have reached a very sufficient point in our studies on cheese. We do different work in each region. There is a mind and effort underneath all of them.

Working with love is tireless. We have been nominated for these positions to serve our nation. The will of the people has given us this. We are trying to give this right with a great sense of responsibility. We always need your support.” made the statement.


AK Party Headquarters Deputy Leader of Local Administrations and Adana Deputy Ahmet Zenbilci said, “The Supreme Leader showed us two things as the Headquarters. We saw that; In Balıkesir, the Metropolitan Municipality Leader and the district municipality leaders work in harmony with each other. As someone who has served as mayor before, I can say that if the Metropolitan Municipality and the district district are on a meat and bone basis, success will grow together. We are witnessing this in Balikesir. I congratulate our esteemed leader Yücel Yılmaz for this. If he is a glutton; what they did with agriculture. I personally witnessed the pleasant and successful works of Yücel Leader in many fields, along with the issues we talked about about agriculture. From vegetables to fruit, from bee’s honey to lamb’s milk, from cow’s meat to all other works of art in Balıkesir, everything is more expensive, fertile and delicious. The only thing left is how to produce it in the most technologically appropriate way. Seeing this, Yücel Lider and his team distinguish the seed first and increase your competition with better quality work, to stand out on a world scale. A valuable step is being taken in this regard in Balikesir today.” he said.

In addition to Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Leader Yücel Yılmaz, to the distribution ceremony; AK Party Headquarters Deputy Leader of Local Administrations and Adana Deputy Ahmet Zenbilci, Altıeylül Municipality Leader Hasan Avcı, Karesi Municipality Leader Dinçer Orkan, İvrindi Municipality Leader Yusuf Cengiz, Kepsut Municipality Leader Mustafa Cankul, Sındırgı Municipality Leader Ekrem Yavaş, Havran Municipality Leader Emin Ersoy, Balıkesir Province Agriculture and Forestry Manager Erkan Alkan and producers attended.

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