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Second increase in site fees in Düzce

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The site fees of Aşiyan Mansions in Düzce have increased astronomically. The increases made with excuses such as ‘inflation, exchange rate, labor costs, artificial football pitch, basketball field expenses’ reached exorbitant numbers with the second increase.

Sefer DEMİR / DUZCE (IGFA) – After the high rent increases, the owners and tenants were shaken by the exorbitant fee rates.

The opportunistic estate administrations, which excused inflation and exchange rates, increased annual dues at exorbitant rates.

In the Aşiyan mansions housing project, which consists of 37 blocks, in Düzce, 196 thousand 654 TL for carpet maintenance, 164 thousand 256 TL for basketball field maintenance, 66 thousand 380 TL for drilling works are written in annual subscription items, while a total of 427 thousand 291 TL is written from the residents, in addition to 980 TL per flat. Letters were left on the doors for TL payments.

The site administration, which increased the site fees twice in 7 months of the year with the excuse of inflation, increased the fees for the second time in 7 months.

In addition, residents who rebelled against the administration, who demanded a retroactive payment of 200 TL for the months of July-August, “There will be no such persecution in this period of hardship for these exorbitant dues and expenditure items,” stated that they will apply to the court.

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