Business is booming.

Second hand market boomed

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The used car section became active with the warming of the weather. While the dynamism makes the tradesmen smile, it is expected that interest rates will be lowered as in zero housing.

İZMİR İGFA- In these days when it is mid-May, the warming of the weather has activated the second-hand sector. Many citizens made their way to markets and galleries to buy cars. Cars suitable for every purse and model were purchased after negotiations. While the sectoral activity makes the tradesmen smile, interest rates are expected to be lowered as in zero housing.

Hümran Kurtçu (37), who is the owner of the company that buys and sells second-hand cars from the representatives of Köstür, said, “The sector has entered the golden period. The weather has warmed up. It has caused an increase in supply in the market. Currently, the market is experiencing one of its fastest cycles.

A 40 percent increase is the subject of words. I believe that this period will be one of the best years.” Stating that the negative effects of the chip crisis continue, Hümran Kurtçu said, “This problem will continue for 2 more years. In this period, 1st hand and 2nd hand completely separated. 2nd hand has become a market in itself. 1st hand is completely from the 2nd hand. “It should be ahead, but this period is not that much. The most suitable vehicle for a family to ride is around 250 thousand liras. I recommend everyone to buy it as soon as possible. There may be an increase in vehicles in July,” he said.
Married and father of one child, market operator Burhan Kaymak (40), who came to the market to buy a second-hand car, said, “I’ and been thinking about buying a car for a while. I’ll buy a car suitable for my cut. I’m buying a vehicle in the 250-300 thousand band. I hope I find it according to my heart.” .

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