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Scholz: “Russia should not win this war, Ukraine should be successful”

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that they aim for Russia not to win in the war between Russia and Ukraine and for Ukraine to be successful. In his speech at the Bundestag, Scholz stated that the European Union (EU) has overcome various difficulties and difficulties in recent years.

Mentioning that this war is undoubtedly the biggest of these difficulties, Scholz said that the EU acts here decisively and in unity.

Scholz, defending the aid of weapons to Ukraine, said, “Helping a country that has been brutally attacked to defend itself does not escalate the tension. However, it contributes to repel this attack and thus to end the violence as soon as possible.”

Referring to the value of the Transatlantic alliance, Scholz said, “We all have one goal. Russia should not win this war, Ukraine should be successful.”

Chancellor Scholz, Finland and Sweden’s NATO


Stating that Russia’s war on Ukraine made other countries think about their security, Scholz reminded that many states invest more in their defense. Stating that Germany will increase its investments in its defense, Scholz said, “We will pay attention to one thing. Our defense systems and investments need to be coordinated more adequately across Europe.”

Scholz stated that technological opportunities should be used in a middle and the European defense industry should be closer to each other.

Stating that rebuilding Ukraine after the end of the war would cost billions of euros, Scholz demanded that preliminary studies be started in the EU for the establishment of a “solidarity fund”.


Reminding that Ukraine has applied to become an EU member, Scholz said that the European Commission will probably announce its evaluation on this issue at the end of June. “However, we all know that Emmaneul Macron was right in pointing out that the membership process is not a problem for a few months or a few years. That’s why we now want to concentrate on supporting Ukraine in a fast and pragmatic form,” Scholz said.

Opposing the acceleration of Ukraine’s EU membership, Scholz said, “The lack of shortcuts on the road to the EU is a necessity to be fair to the 6 countries in the Western Balkans. These countries have been making heavy reforms for years and are preparing to participate. Keeping our promises to them is only a question of our reliability. It’s not a problem,” he said.

Stressing that the integration of the countries in the Western Balkans to the EU is more valuable than ever for the EU’s strategic interests, Scholz used the phrase “The Western Balkans belong to the EU”.

Calling the EU countries to be in solidarity on energy supply, Scholz said, “The main problem at the EU level is to ensure that there are no bottlenecks in power supply in the member countries. This is an obligation of European solidarity.”

For this reason, Scholz noted that power networks should be expanded in Europe.

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