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Scholarship contribution from KAYŞEV to education

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Kayseri Beet Growers Cooperative Board Leader Hüseyin Akay visited the Foundation Center with Cooperative Board Member Ali Türk and Kayseri Sugar Leader Hurşit Dede due to the start of KAYŞEV’s 2022-2023 academic year registration period.

Leader Akay, who met with the foundation officials for a while and received information, drew attention to the importance of education in his statement about the visit. Reminding that KAYŞEV is one of Kayseri Şeker’s social responsibility projects and exemplary practices, Lider Akay gave the following views:

‘As of September 1, our KAYŞEV Foundation’s scholarship registration has started. Applications will be accepted from September 1 to September 30, especially for newly registered students. Our KAYŞEV Foundation has a regulation, a main contract. In this context, we accept and evaluate the applications of the children of our farmers who are members of the Cooperative, our working and retired children, and the children of martyrs and veterans’ families who are receiving higher education. Our KAYŞEV Foundation provides education scholarships for 9 months to our children who are eligible. We still have scholarship students who continue their education. These are down to the top 900 and they need to give their transcripts back to our Foundation between September 19 and mid October 31.

The youth of the Turkish Nation should not lag behind the youth of the world’s nations. The primary way to do this is through proper training of them. In this sense, the responsibility of education is a valuable responsibility. As our country, our most valuable resource is our human resource, we have to train this human resource in the most appropriate form, evaluate it, and prepare it for the future. I believe that all institutions in Turkey should take responsibility in terms of supplementing education. We take responsibility in this work within the possibilities of Kayseri Şeker, which is the property of the nation and of course the property of the farmer, and we try to provide support for our students. It is especially valuable for people who study abroad to have pocket money, even if it is very small. We experienced this in our youth. At least in this sense, we have to help our young people when it gets dark, train them morally and prepare them for the future. May Allah not let our state and our nation suffer, I hope that our youth will compete with the youth of the world at the highest level in every field. I wish great success to all our students, especially our university students, in the new academic year.’

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