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Sakarya’s saplings will breathe to Mongolia

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The delegation from Mongolia to Sakarya to examine the agricultural projects of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality attended the June Assembly Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality. The city’s agricultural wealth will set an example for Mongolia.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality agricultural project areas continue to be showcased between countries.

Agricultural production areas, which are visited by many domestic and foreign producers, students, business people and academicians every week, opened their doors this time to a delegation of municipal leaders and bureaucrats from Mongolia to conduct inspections on our city. Leader Aziz, who shared his warm welcome to the Mongolian delegation following the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality June Assembly Meeting, emphasized the value of the cooperation to be developed between the two countries.

Stating that they will develop sister city relations with a city in Mongolia, Leader Aziz declared that President Erdoğan declared November 11 as the National Afforestation Day and stated that a step similar to the name of the country will be made in Mongolia for a greener future, adding: “Within the scope of Mongolia Green Development Policy, 1 billion In this context, we are ready to contribute in every way to the national movement of 1 billion trees, which our sister country Mongolia targets by 2030. Sakarya’s saplings will breathe Mongolia. Sakarya’s mercy will spread all over the world. In the middle of two sister countries I once again emphasize the value of the cooperation to be developed and thank the Mongolian municipal leaders who came to our city.”

Speaking at the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality June Assembly, Mongolia Union of Local Authorities Secretary General Yanjinlkham Puverdorj said, “We bring you greetings from Mongolia, the spirit-filled winds of the cets. We would like to thank the Union of Municipalities of Turkey and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Leader Ekrem Yüce for enabling us to be here today. As the leader Ekrem Yüce said, we are our ancestors and our number is one and we are always proud of that. We have a Mongolia democratic constitution, which achieved independence 100 years ago and claimed the rights and freedoms of citizens in 1992. According to this constitution, each city grows and works according to its own color. Thank you for welcoming us in a warm form. We would also like to thank the Union of Municipalities of Turkey for working more dynamically from now on. From today on, we will always be with you and we will sign many valuable works. On behalf of the people of Mongolia, I would like to thank all Sakarya.”

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