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Sakarya’s new flavor ‘The River’ is now on its own shelf

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Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality put ‘River Chocolate’, which it started to produce with the highest quality work, on its shelves. The flavor, which was brought to the counter in the Chocolate House opened in Democracy Square, attracted the attention of the citizens in a short time. Truff, pouring and filling chocolates, which are healthy and of good quality, at affordable prices, are delivered to the citizens in any form according to demand.

SAKARYA İGFA- Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality produces and offers different works to citizens. Metropolitan Honey54, which carries out production activities in almost every field of agriculture, started its Chocolate House this time after its production-oriented services such as Milk54, Hazelnut54, Meat54, Egg54. Adding chocolate to its production list, Metropolitan managed to become the center of attention in a short time with its ‘River’ brand.


Produced with the highest quality materials, 3 different kinds of chocolates, truff, poured and filled, appeal to the taste of Sakarya people. The works made in the production facility established in Adapazarı Donatım were diversified in a short time. Colorful chocolates hit the shelves with the ‘River’ brand label inspired by ‘children of the river’.


Metropolitan has put the Chocolate House in Adapazarı Democracy Square into service for sale under the BELPAŞ brand. All chocolate varieties produced under the Irmak brand were offered for sale in the office, which started to serve next to the Dairy House and Shifa House. Citizens can buy their chocolates in different presentations and in different packages, depending on demand and demand. Colorful artifacts embroidered with dried fruit, draped with particles and many varieties adorned the aisles.


In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, “We have presented a wonderful taste to our citizens with our Irmak brand, which we have created with great efforts. “We offered our chocolates for sale in the office we opened in the square. We are grateful to Sakarya, who shows interest in the works and takes care of this brand. We welcome all our citizens who want to buy the best quality chocolates at the most affordable price at the Chocolate House.”

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