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Sakarya’s ‘life team’ is preparing for the term

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Sakarya’s ‘life’ team is preparing for the fierce mission on the northern coast. The interviews were completed, the lifeguard group was determined and the trainings started by the professional team.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is making strict preparations for the new term.

The Metropolitan, which provides lifeguards and security services in Karasu, Kocaali and Kaynarca on the northern coasts, is preparing for strong missions with the aim of ‘zero casualties’.

The Fire Department provides training to its employees before the rescue missions to begin in the north. Described as the ‘Life’ team, the 64-person lifeguard team was selected after passing interviews and skill tests.

The team, which includes professional employees who have been doing this duty for many years, was subjected to the ‘Bronze Silver Lifeguard’ training.

The lifeguards, who will start the mission on June 15, will work without blinking in one of Sakarya’s most faithful tourism centers so that the pleasant days of the citizens do not turn into pain.


From this group, 41 lifeguards will work in Karasu, 18 lifeguards in Kocaali, 3 lifeguards in Kaynarca and 2 lifeguards in Kocaali Ladies Beach. The Metropolitan Municipality will work with 4 jet skis and 1 zodiac boat on the northern shores. When all districts are included, ‘life’ watch will be kept in 45 towers in total. Metropolitan groups will continue this watch, which will start on June 15, until September 15. In the statement made to inform the holidaymakers, it was stated that the rescue mission would be carried out in the middle of 10.00 in the morning and 19.00 in the evening, while a warning was given to the citizens, “Do not risk your life by going into the sea until 15 June”.

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