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Sakarya is getting stronger in furniture branch

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Leader Ekrem Şanlı, who attended the SAMİKOP Ordinary General Assembly, said, “Today, when furniture is mentioned, we are remembered in the middle of 4-5 cities in our country. Sakarya’s name in Dalda is getting stronger and developing day by day. We will always continue this development together.” Emphasizing that Nigeria is a valuable opportunity for the furniture branch, Great said that they are ready to establish the necessary cooperation environment.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Leader Ekrem Büyük attended the Ordinary General Assembly of Sakarya Furniture Manufacturers Small Industrial Site Building Cooperative. Many guests, including members of the cooperative, participated in the general delegation, which included AK Party Sakarya Provincial Leader Yunus Tever, SATSO Leader Akgün Altuğ, Kaynarca Municipality Leader Murat Kefli and SAMİKOP Leader Lütfi Sunman.

Leader Şanlı, who started his words by wishing the general committee to be well, emphasized the value of Sakarya in the field of furniture and said, “As you all know, our city is in the middle of our country’s valuable producers in furniture manufacturing. Today, we are remembered in the middle of 4-5 cities in our country when it comes to furniture, this is thanks to your efforts. I would like to thank each of you personally and on behalf of our city.”

President Şanlı stated that they have produced numerous projects in many fields and said, “There is a beautiful proverb; They say that running water does not grow algae. We are working hard to make our city the most pleasant places. We are making an effort for our city without stopping the water. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have been trying to touch every corner of our city since we came to the mission. In addition to the 3 billion investments we make, we produce projects that will benefit our city. As Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to exist in every field from agriculture to industry, from education to health, from infrastructure to superstructure, from sports to art. We work hard for our city and our fellow citizens. I wish the general council, which took place on this occasion, to be beneficial again, and I greet you all with respect, love and respect.”

Referring to his visit to Nigeria in his speech, Leader Ulu said, “We had a visit to Nigeria recently. We had several contacts there. We encountered job opportunities in many branches. The most valuable of these was the furniture cutting. Nigeria is really a great opportunity in the furniture field, I am calling out to my brothers who are active in our furniture branch. It is absolutely necessary to go to that region and evaluate the opportunities there. At this point, we are ready to meet our business people by fulfilling all our responsibilities.”

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