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Sakarya erases the traces of the flood in Bartın

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Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality groups are erasing the traces of the flood in Bartın.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – Sewage trucks and groups related to SASKİ, which were sent to Bartın by the order of Metropolitan Municipality Leader Ekrem Yüce, are bandaging the wounds in the flood area. The groups, which strive to return the lives of the citizens living in the region to normal as quickly as possible, continue their work uninterruptedly.

SASKİ groups, who went to Bartın to support the citizens, heal the wounds of the flood disaster. With the vacuum trucks of the institution, the teams serving in the region make immediate interventions to the needed points.

In the written statement made by SASKİ, stating that the teams continue their work in the districts and in the center in order to erase the traces of the disaster as quickly as possible, the words were used, “Our citizens should be well.

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