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Sage tea shift started in Düzce

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One of the medicinal aromatic plants planted in Düzce Municipality Agricultural Development Center Project, sage was harvested for the first time. Oil, tea and spice will be obtained from the medicinal aromatic plants produced.

DUZCE (IGFA) – Prepared in cooperation with Düzce Municipality, Düzce University, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services and Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry
and signed by Formlife and Beltur A .S. The first harvest of the Agricultural Development Center Project, of which it is a participant, was carried out with sage. Düzce Municipality Parks and Gardens Directorate carried out the first harvest of sage rosemary, thyme and lemon balm plantings with sage
in the medicinal aromatic project area.


The sage plant, which was first harvested from the aromatic plants planted in November last year in the 6-decare project area , is ready for use as herbal tea after the drying processes. will become. Düzce Municipality Deputy Leader Hasan Günden also participated in the harvest of the land where 7,200 root sage sage was planted.


The works obtained from the harvest of the Agricultural Development Center Project, in which a 6-decare land is supported by the drip irrigation system, will be transferred to Beltur Inc. reinforcements will be given. Oil, tea and spices will be obtained from medicinal aromatic plants.

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