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Sacrifices started to arrive in Bursa İnegöl

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Sacrifices started to be taken to the market at the Inegol Municipality Animal Market in Bursa. On the first day, around 20 animal sellers and around 400 victims entered the market.

BURSA (IGFA) – In the New Contemporary Animal Market, which was established in Alibeyköy last year by the İnegöl Municipality, sacrificial animals began to be accepted before the Eid al-Adha.

In İnegöl, which has one of the most active animal markets in the region, İnegöl Municipality had served by building a new animal market equipped with modern facilities last year.

While the new animal market is also one of the most markets in the region, it continues to be a reason for preference with the opportunities it offers for both sacrificial sellers and buyers. in it; The animal market, which has 2400 animal capacity cattle boxes, 950 animal cattle boxes, restaurant, tea house, accommodation places, prayer room, shower and WCs, sacrificial slaughter places and parking area, stands out in terms of its structural features.

It offers the comfort of a hotel for the vendors with its resting areas in the form of a mezzanine floor on the cotras.

In İnegöl Municipality Contemporary Animal Market, which was established on an area of ​​40 decares on a total of 86 decares of land; There is a 14 thousand m2 cattle area, 1000 m2 sheep and goat area, 1000 m2 slaughter area, 2500 m2 peasant animal market, 1000 m2 social facilities and 500 m2 feed warehouse and quarantine area.

In the Inegol Municipality Animal Market, where kotra rentals continue, sacrificial sellers continue to come from all over the country.

While dozens of sacrificial animals reach İnegöl every day, it is expected that there will be around 2,400 cattle and around a thousand ovine animals in total in the market where the feverish preparations started.

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