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Sacrifice places in Kayseri Talas were determined by lot.

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Kayseri’s Talas Municipality continues its preparations before the upcoming Eid al-Adha. In this context, after the preparation of the sacrifice sales and slaughter places, the areas where the sacrifices will be sold were determined.

The places determined by the drawing of lots in the sacrifice sales area established in the Reşadiye Mahallesi of Kayseri’s Talas Municipality were delivered to the owners of the sacrificial animals. In the drawing of lots, in which 82 animal breeders participated in total, 64 sheep and 18 cattle sales places were allocated to qurban sellers.


Sacrificial animal vendors, speaking after the drawing of lots, drew attention to the fact that the Reşadiye Qurbani sales place was a carefully prepared place. Stating that many basic needs, especially water, are met, the sellers conveyed their thanks to Lider Yalçın.

Producer İrfan Pınarbaşı from Koçcagiz Neighborhood said that he is happy with the services offered at the sacrificial slaughter and sales areas and said, “We are happy with the sacrifice sales places and slaughtering places, everything is very nice, everything is perfect. “Thank you to our leader,” he said.

Another sacrificial seller, Yaşar Kendirci, who talked about his satisfaction with the service provided, thanked Lider Yalçın, stating that all kinds of facilities were provided to them in the area prepared for the sale of victims.

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