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‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Holiday’ measures in Bursa İnegöl

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Alper Taban, the Mayor of Inegol Municipality in Bursa, announced at the press conference that he had completed the preparations before and during the Eid al-Adha with all his units.

BURSA (IGFA) – İnegöl Municipality Leader Alper Taban held a press conference on the measures taken, preparations and announcements before the Eid al-Adha.

Deputy Leaders of the Municipality Rıdvan Kocaağa, Fevzi Dülger, Durmuş Aydın, Police Manager Bilal Aktürk, Cleanliness Affairs Manager Serdar Zorluer and Veterinary Affairs Manager Yahya Kani were present at the press conference. A lot of information was given on the subject.

Starting from the preparations before the holiday, Lider Taban explained in detail that tradesmen can open stands on the pavement in a form that will not affect the pedestrian crossing. Leader Taban said, “We are stretching the ban on pavements so that our citizens can do their shopping more comfortably in this period,” said Lider Taban, “Freedom of pavement will begin as of Friday, July 1st. But the feast is the time for tradesmen’s threshing.” These are the tradesmen who serve 365 days a year. Some of our streets are completely closed to traffic, 3 days before the holiday, these streets are Electric Street, (from the intersection of Hacı Veli Ağa Street), Isletme Street, Tabakhane Street, Bedesten Street, Cami Kebir Street, Özdilek Street, 2 Özdilek Street and Hacı Şahin Street will be closed to traffic as of July 6. Again, the entrance to the Youth Center back parking lot in the bazaar will be provided by a single direction corridor to be opened by İşletme Street, and the parking lot exits will be made in front of the Youth Center as the only direction,” he said.

Providing information about the neighborhood markets, which is another area where the density is experienced before the holiday, Taban said, “Friday, July 8, coins with the day of Arafah, and we have markets that are opened on its own day on that day These markets are Yenice Village Neighborhood Market, Surgeon Market and Cumpa Clothing Market. “In addition to these, the Saturday Market will be established in its own place on the day of Arafah. All markets will be closed during the holiday,” he said.


Pointing out that the subject of minced meat shots is also valuable for us, Taban said, “The places where this work is carried out are butchers and markets with meat-chicken sales sections. Mincing will not be allowed in other workplaces, streets and streets “

Taban, barbers and hairdressers also stated that they could be open 7 days a week since it would be heavy before the holiday, and said that they left the business to themselves.


Explaining that they have also determined our sacrificial slaughter areas in this middle, Municipality Leader Alper Taban; Our sacrificial slaughter areas; Alibeyköy Contemporary Animal Market, Mer-Pa Covered Market Place, Alanyurt Covered Market Place, Akhisar Covered Market Place, Monday Market Fisherman’s Section, Saturday Market Fisherman’s Section and Mesudiye Bazaar Fisherman’s Section. Apart from these places, if our citizens have their own garden, pollution, odor, etc. That they can slaughter their victims in their own gardens provided that they do not cause any disturbance and open a sacrificial pit.

Sacrificial wastes will be collected by groups in front of the citizens’ houses on the 1st and 2nd days of the Eid. In addition to our routine cleaning services, 153 and WhatsApp noted that when our citizens inform us about sacrificial waste, they will go and collect them from their address.

In addition, Taban stated that the groups will be kept on standby regarding the victims who escaped during the sacrifice section from time to time, and said that the citizens can reach the Analysis Center and request help.

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