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Russian citizens impose strict rules on EU visas

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Russian citizens will be subject to higher price and stricter rules for EU visa.

Ylva Johansson, member of the EU Council responsible for internal affairs, held a press conference on the issue of the EU’s suspension of the visa facilitation agreement with Russia.

“Of course, being a tourist in the EU is not a fundamental right.” Johansson said that the Committee today accepted the proposal to suspend the visa facilitation agreement between Russia and the EU altogether.

“This suspension means that Russian citizens will no longer enjoy privileged access to the EU. For example, they will face more stringent visa application processes and more restrictions for multiple-entry visas that are at least twice as valuable,” Johansson said. he said.

Mentioning that the commission also accepted the proposal for not recognizing Russian passports issued in the occupied regions of Ukraine, Johansson said that the Board will prepare a guide to ensure the faster and coordinated implementation of the decision in the middle of the member states.

Johansson stated that with the guide, the exceptions to be applied to individuals such as journalists, dissidents, human rights activists, travelers for family reasons will be determined.


Stating that the member states’ right to reject obvious category applicants will be confidential, Johansson noted that the Board’s swift acceptance of the proposal will change the EU’s visa regime to Russia with the prestige early next week.

EU members Poland and Czechia stopped accepting visa applications from Russian citizens shortly after the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The foreign ministers of the EU countries had reached a political consensus on some issues by addressing the visa problem with Russia at the informal meeting on 31 August in Prague, the capital city of the EU period leader, Czechia.

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