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Russia: We can recognize the Taliban government

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Zamir Kabulov, Putin’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, said that there is a possibility of recognition of the temporary Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Speaking to Russian state television Pervy Kanal, Kabulov said that the Deputy Trade Minister of the Taliban discontinuous government will pay a visit to Moscow.

Noting that Afghanistan applied to Russia for the purchase of some artifacts, Kabulov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin allowed the grain to be allocated to Afghanistan.

Kabulov also added to the possibility of the recognition of the Taliban government by Russia in Afghanistan, adding, “There is such a possibility. The rules for this were determined by both the Russian State Leader and the Foreign Minister. The first step to be taken on this side is the creation of a comprehensive and active political government. We openly say this to our Afghan partners. When that happens, there will be room for important conversations.” said he.

Emphasizing that Russia will not follow the US and other countries in the recognition of the Taliban’s impermanent government, Kabulov said, “The Taliban are willing to cooperate with us and work according to accepted international rules. They understand Russia’s basic concerns in the context of Afghanistan . drug production.” spoke form.

Stating that the Taliban does not pose a threat to the Central Asian countries, Kabulov said, “The Taliban are really fighting the terrorist organization DAESH, which is an enemy not only for Russia but also for other countries, unlike all Western countries fleeing Afghanistan. ” he used the term.

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