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Russia shuts off France’s gas valve

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Russia’s state power giant Gazprom has confirmed that it has cut off gas supplies to French utility company Engie.

st. Petersburg manager announced that the Paris-based company did not pay in full for gas deliveries in July.

Gazprom told Engie that starting September 1, it will stop gas distribution until it receives full payment for the gas already supplied.

He also noted that the French side did not make the payment until Tuesday evening, making it impossible to deliver more gas than Russian items.

Earlier in the day, Engie warned that Gazprom had notified him of “a reduction in gas deliveries”, referring to “a disagreement between the parties over the execution of certain contracts,” according to Bloomberg.

He did not provide any random details about the cause of the disputes and did not specify the level of delivery restrictions.

French Minister of Power, Agnes Pannier-Runacher, accused Moscow of using gas exports as a weapon.

He also said that France “should be prepared for the worst-case scenario of a complete interruption of supplies”.

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