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RTÜK found 5 broadcasters

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Radio and Television Supreme Committee (RTÜK), TGRT Haber, Halk TV, KRT, Tele 1 and Radyo Sputnik were fined for the upper end.

ANKARA (IGFA) – The relations of the fines imposed on the channels by RTÜK are as follows:

-TGRT HABER’s non-compliance with the broadcast ban given by the court

-Retired Brigadier General Dr., who participated in the “Kadraj” program on Halk TV. Statements uttered by Haldun Solmaztürk and National Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş and by Democratic Party Army Deputy Cemal Enginyurt in the program “Issue”,

-The words about Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu in the “Ordinary Affairs” program on KRT,

– Theses about the government in the “18 Minutes” program in TELE 1,

-Indication of an alcoholic beverage type and brand in the program “Seyir Hali with Ali Çağatay” on Radio Sputnik.

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