Business is booming.

Rose harvest started in Isparta

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Producers started harvesting with the blooming of rose flowers in the city, where 65 percent of the world’s rose oil production is made. The farmers, who went to their gardens in the early hours of the morning because the sun reduced the oil rate, sent the first roses they collected to the factories.

Hasan Çelik, General Manager of the Rose, Rose Oil and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (GÜLBİRLİK), told reporters that rose production is carried out on an area of ​​approximately 38 thousand decares in Isparta.


Stating that this year’s harvest will be productive with the effect of heavy snow and rain in winter, Steel stated that they will spend the season as they wish if they do not encounter random adverse weather rule.

Çelik noted that they expect a yield of approximately 15 thousand tons this year.


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