Robot soldier of digital troops, autonomous unmanned ground vehicle: Barkan

We have seen Barkan at Teknofest, which can autonomously reinforce the troops on the battlefield and provides a wide view of remote control with communication devices.

One of Havelsan’s notable projects at Teknofest was Barkan. Our defense industry is making progress in terms of unmanned ground vehicles as well as unmanned aerial vehicles. You can also recall the first unmanned land vehicle Barkan from the successful first fire of the small missile system Mete, which it launched in the past weeks. Barkan, an autonomous unmanned land vehicle that fires its laser-guided missile and hits it successfully, can integrate modern technology into military units by performing the basic tasks of reconnaissance, surveillance and carrying ammunition unmanned within the scope of the needs of digital battlefields, by sensing the environment both by remote management and by sensing the environment.

Developed by Havelsan, Barkan will assist field workers in a number of valuable areas, especially in increasing operational success, preventing losses and reducing operational costs. In particular, Barkan’s modular design allows it to be equipped with many different payloads. Eray Gül from Havelsan conveyed the details about Barkan to Cem Sünbül from Hardware News.

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