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Roads expand in Kayseri Talas countryside

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The road construction, expansion and asphalt works in the rural neighborhoods of the county by Kayseri’s Talas Municipality gained momentum. In this context, the width of the road connecting the Yamaçlı, Sosun and Süleymanlı neighborhoods is doubled.

Municipal road manufacturing and asphalt teams accelerated their work with the opening of the asphalt period. In addition to the maintenance and repair of the roads that decorated in the city center during the winter, the groups that started to attack in the countryside continue the infrastructure works on the new ring road of the Kamber District, and also carry out the arrangement and expansion works on the 4-kilometer road in the middle of Alaybeyli and Çevlik.

While these works continued on the one hand, the groups started the expansion and arrangement works on the main road connecting the Yamaçlı, Sosun and Süleymanlı neighborhoods on the other.


Teams working on the 3.5-kilometer-long and 6-meter-wide main road reduce the level difference with sharp bends, allowing the road to provide comfortable and convenient transportation.

Infrastructure materials transported by trucks are laid on the road and compacted with the help of an excavator, 2 graders, 3 buckets, sprinklers and cylinders.

After the infrastructure works that double the width of the neighborhood roads, the roads are made ready for hot asphalt paving and comfortable transportation is aimed.

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