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Riot in prison in Colombia: 49 dead

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A riot broke out in a prison in the city of Tulua, in southwestern Colombia.

The Director of National Prisons, Tito Castellanos, announced that 49 prisoners died in the riot.

“This is a tragic and disastrous event,” said Castellanos, adding that there were a total of 1,267 prisoners in the prison.

Colombian State Leader Ivan Duque, who visited Portugal, said on Twitter: “We are sorry about the prison incident in Tulua, Valle del Cauca. I am in contact with Tito Castellanos and I have ordered an investigation to clarify this grave situation.”

“The prisoners tried to escape, they set the beds on fire”

According to the news that Colombian media based on the authorities, the prisoners tried to escape from the prison.

While the guards tried to block the escape, the prisoners set their beds on fire and many of those who died were burned to death. Signs of violence were found on the bodies of their gluttons. It was stated that there were about 200 people in the ward where the fire broke out.

A spokesperson for the Tulua fire department said in a statement, “We have determined that many beds have been burned, and about 50 people have been taken to health centers so far.”

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