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Retired Ambassador Ceylan evaluated the repercussions of alliance expansion: What will Turkey do?

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After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the security architecture in Europe started to be considered again. Finland and Sweden, which have remained militarily neutral for many years, announced that they will announce their decision to join NATO this week. Former Permanent Representative to NATO, retired Ambassador Fatih Ceylan, evaluated the possible reflections of the two countries’ NATO decision on Turkey to the Republic.

Regarding the positive statements of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltengberg during the membership discussions, Ceylan pointed out that the issue will be discussed in detail at the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting on 14 May and stated that possible enlargement should be approved by 30 allies.

While Turkey did not make an official statement on the agenda, Ceylan spoke about Ankara’s stance and said, “The presence of PKK elements in Sweden may cause discomfort in Turkey. However, in the current conjuncture, I foresee that it is not possible to use the veto against the application. It can be communicated to Stockholm at various levels that it should act sensitively, especially through bilateral channels,” he said.

“It is a weak possibility that Turkey will have problems in its bilateral relations with Russia if it gives a basis for its membership requests,” Ceylan reminded of Turkey’s contributions to its allies, such as former Soviet countries Poland and Romania, within the scope of NATO duties, and left Moscow. He reminded me that there was no reaction.

Ceylan said that tensions may rise in the region and reminded Russia’s threat to place a nuclear missile in Kaliningrad at the end of Poland.

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