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Responded to theses from FLO: ‘We are discussing but nothing definite’

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Mehmet Ziylan, the Leader of the Board of Directors of the Turkish shoe chain FLO Mağazacılık, said that they were negotiating to purchase Reebok’s stores in Russia, but that there is no absolute situation at this stage.

In an article in the Russian newspaper Kommersant, it was stated that FLO Mağazacılık took over the Russian units of the British sportswear company Reebok.


Company’s Executive Committee Leader Mehmet Ziylan said in a statement, “We are talking, but there is nothing more certain.”

Ziylan said that the talks were for Reebok’s more than 100 stores in Russia, but he did not provide information on the size of a possible contract.


Ziylan, on the question about his decision to invest in Russia at a time when many international brands left the country after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, He said, “We follow our country’s policy exactly.

In Kommersant’s report, it was stated that the size of the contract could be 1.5 billion rubles ($24.8 million) according to analyst assumptions.

According to the information given by Ziylan, FLO currently carries out wholesale sales to Russia, but it does not have its own store.

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