Resources to companies for the coal of the poor

In the past, families were taken into account when determining those in need, now households will be important. In the amount of coal to be allocated per household, the climatic conditions of the region, the distribution amounts of the past years, the heating values ​​of the coal as well as disaster, emergency and similar factors will be taken into consideration.

The amount of coal per family will be determined by the Ministry of Family and Social Services on a provincial and district basis, determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. In last year’s decision, it was envisaged that coal be sent to those in need by TKI and TTK. TKİ had to obtain the coal to be distributed primarily from the fields it operates.

Now, the ministry will be able to get the amount other than the amount of coal agreed with TKİ and TTK from other suppliers, as well as to social assistance and solidarity foundations. Coal to be purchased from other suppliers will be provided by one of the methods specified in the Public Procurement Law.

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