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Research: Most stroke-prone blood cluster revealed

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In a new study conducted in the USA, it was announced that the blood clusters of individuals have an effect on their likelihood of having a stroke.

In the study, it was stated that people with blood type A were 16 percent more likely to have a stroke before the age of 60.

In the study, it was reported that B and AB blood clusters had little or no effect on stroke risk, while individuals with 0 blood clusters were 12 percent less likely to have a stroke.

While examining the information of 7,000 people who had a stroke and 600,000 people without any health problems, taken from 48 different studies, it was emphasized that contact was detected in the middle of the risk of stroke with the blood set.

In the study, it was reported that individuals with 0 blood type had a 12 percent lower risk of early stroke.


Professor of medicine at the University of Maryland, who conducted the research. “Our analysis looked at people’s genetic profiles and found relevance amide their blood set and risk of early-onset stroke,” said Braxton Mitchell.

The scientists who carried out the study found that type A blood increased the risk of stroke by 16 percent, and underlined that six percent of all strokes under the age of 60 can be directly attributed to the blood set alone.

In the information obtained, it was stated that 0 blood clusters reduced the risk of early stroke by 12 percent, while it was stated in the findings that blood clusters pose a risk of stroke due to coagulation differences.

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