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Research: Artificial sweeteners increase risk of heart problems

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According to a new study conducted in France, it has been announced that artificial sweeteners used in beverages increase the risk of heart problems.

The study, conducted by experts from the Sorbonne Paris Nord University, compared the risks of heart and circulation diseases with artificial sweeteners added to or contained in beverages.

In a study of 103 thousand French adults, it was stated that artificial sweeteners were associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and coronary heart diseases.

The report at the end of the study stated that artificial sweeteners are associated with an increased risk of heart disease and that they “should not be considered as a healthy and reliable alternative to sugar.”


In the findings, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal British Medical Journal (BMJ), the researchers said: “Our results suggest that these nutritional additives, found in thousands of foods and beverages consumed daily by millions of people, are considered a healthy “The results show that artificial sweeteners may represent a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease prevention,” he said.

While it was stated that 103 thousand participants were 42 years old on average and 80 percent were female, it was stated that they were followed for six months and those who used artificial sweeteners were 37 percent, and they had an average of 9 percent more heart problems than the participants who did not use it.

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